mr. Jeffrey Touw

Phone: +31 (0)13 466 88 19
Fax: +31 (0)13 466 88 66
Born: 1991
Lawyer since: 2017

Universiteit van Tilburg (2015): Nederlands Recht, Ondernemingsrecht

Corporate law

Corporate law

Mergers and take-overs, advice about the choice of a legal form and about mutual relationships within companies and between shareholders are part of the specialisms of this section. But they also include drawing up and checking various contracts such as contracts of cooperation, franchise contracts and agency contracts, drawing up general terms, carrying out legal due diligence reviews or quick scans and advice about financing constructions. Finally, competition law and intellectual property law are also part of the expertise of the section.

Our cooperation in the EALG network enables us to work across national borders. Our solicitors assist both large enterprises and especially small and medium-sized enterprises, including starting businesses.

Contact: Mr mr. Ruud Hermsen

Insolvency law

Insolvency law

Bankruptcies, suspension of payment, application of the debt restructuring act "Wet Schuldsanering Natuurlijke Personen", as well as financing and securities. For companies that need (financial) restructuring and enterprises that face financial problems with suppliers and customers. We also act as consultants for banks and creditors, regularly as trustees in bankruptcy or administrators in suspension of payment.

Contact: Mr mr. Miel Maessen

Sports and law

Sports and law

Disciplinary law, association law, liability, sponsor contracts and athlete transfers. As one of only a few law firms in the Netherlands De Voort has an interdisciplinary branch group. All matters involving sports are addressed by the branch group.

We know every detail of the legal aspects, but also take into account the culture of sports (organisations). In addition to legal expertise the members of this section also have an affinity for sports. Most members are active in (international) sports and sports support organisations. In addition to that the section is often involved in promoting and developing this field of expertise. The section actively contributes to the scientific "Sport en Recht" journal, provides training and issues publications. The branch group is leading in its field of expertise.

The branch group is the contact point for the Sport en Gemeenten Association for the South of the Netherlands.

Contact: Mr dr. mr. Steven Jellinghaus