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Born: 1981
Lawyer since: 2007
Languages: English, Spanish
Real Estate and Government Entities

Real Estate and Government Entities

Project and area development, public-private cooperation, the entire process of negotiations, purchase and sale of land and buildings, obtaining permissions, operating agreements, land policy and the entire construction process in relationship to private law are familiar territory for us. And the same goes for compulsory purchase, preferential rights, construction contracts, tenancy law, laws applying to neighbours, real servitudes and the many professional fields related to real estate, (European) tenders and government support. We are also familiar with other areas of environmental administrative law (noise, fauna and flora and such) and general administrative law (Dutch General Administrative Law Act, subsidies and such).

Government entities, (construction) companies, architects and private persons appreciate the services offered in this very broad field of expertise. As a result of years of experience with this variety of parties our firm has a section that has accumulated high-quality specialist knowledge. We cooperate with VD2 Advies, which focuses on legal-administrative and financial-economic advice with respect to communal land policy.

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