Health care and law

The firm offers a wealth of expertise in the field of health law. The services provided in this specific field is broad, in the sense that various areas of law are concerned; liability law, labour law, corporate law, participation law, procurement law (real estate) and medical disciplinary law.

We provide advice and services in case of dissociations, admission contracts, practicing in and outside partnerships and we draw up and provide advice for partnership and admission contracts. This also includes advice on the relationship between medical specialists and hospitals about output and budget arrangements with health insurers and the new fee system.

We offer support for legal and professional liability of individual practitioners working in hospitals and other health care institutions, and for private practices or other forms of cooperation. In addition to that we advice with respect to disability insurance and provide support in case of disciplinary proceedings.

Finally our specialists of the Health Care and Law section support works councils and client councils of health care institutions and hospitals in case of mergers or entering into forms of cooperation, including instigating legal steps if necessary.

Contact: Mr mr. Hein Taminiau