Labour law

Practically all entrepreneurs have employees, and therefore, labour law is relevant to them. Conversely, labour law also applies to almost anyone working under an employment contract. We have highly specialised solicitors in all matters concerning labour law.

In this field of law we are the leading specialist in the region. We provide assistance in matters concerning dismissals, issues with competition, but also in drawing up contracts and support and development in the broad field of the employment contract. In addition to that we advise and provide support in case of organisations and reorganisations.

A special area of labour law is civil servants law, another field we expressly focus on. And we are solicitors of various educational institutions, both public and denominational education, in the field of educational law.

When disputes between employer and employee with respect to disability or other issues can be solved by means of dialogue, we initiate and provide support for these discussions, either as solicitors or as mediators.

Contact: Mr mr. Clemens de Bont